What To Do When Isolated?

In times like this we need to stay calm, comfort those around us, and practice compassion. Take a look below for things to do with the family during isolation, mental wellness resources, and educational tips about limiting the spread of COVID-19.

Things to do While Isolated:

  • Meditate: Take even 5 minutes to be still and breathe
  • Go outside and breath some fresh air! Just because you are isolating that doesn’t mean you are confined to your house. Step out onto your patio or backyard, go for a walk, but remember social distancing.
  • Call or FaceTime loved ones. We will get through this together
  • Check out a “quarentine concert” held by renowned musicians
  • Read a book! Or download a new audiobook.
  • Colour with the family!
  • Start a new Netflix Series.
  • Sharpen your mind with Curio


Protect your mental health when self-isolating. If you aren’t self-isolating with family, we realize that this can be a lonely experience. Here are some things to feel less anxious at home:

  • Do something you enjoy
  • Call a friend or family member you haven’t talked to in a while
  • Exercise or do a physical activity at home
  • Be mindful of negative chatter & social media intake
  • Text SHARE to 686868 to get connected with Crisis Text Line (Canadian Text Line)


We can’t stress enough how important it is to look after yourself in times like this and will all the commotion, it can sometimes be overlooked. Remember we are all in this together and it is more important than ever to practice compassion. We have to be kind. We have to be mindful of our words, our actions, and really practice a sense of being a community worldwide.

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