JaysCare Foundation Challenges

Be Unstoppable! Get involved in JaysCare’s daily Unstoppable Kids Challenges and have fun while gaining new skills at home!
Here’s how it works:

1.) Who are these challenges for?
They are for children and youth ages 4 to 18 who live in Canada.

2.) How do you complete them?
Work through as many of the challenges as you can in a day. Each time you complete a challenge, take a photo of the completed challenge and log it in the Challenge Log Book (this can be found at the end of each challenge package attached). When you’ve filled a log page, submit it (along with the photos) to Jays Care at UnstoppableKids@bluejays.com. At the end of each week, Jays Care staff will look through all of the submitted challenges, tally points and send prizes to top 50 points earners!

3.) Where can I find more challenges?
Jays Care releases a new week of challenges every Monday. They will be posted on our website starting next week at: (www.jayscare.com/Challenges). Starting next Monday, you will also find a whole series of additional resources for children, youth and families who are adapting to isolation.

4.) Why is JaysCare creating these challenges?
Jays Care believes that children and youth across the country are truly unstoppable. COVID-19, isolation and a change in life’s schedule can’t stop them. These challenges are designed to help kids and families continue to nurture each child’s unstoppable nature while staying fit and having fun. Please share these resources with all of your friends, colleagues and family members to help them make each day as packed with fun and adventure as possible.

Challenge Library:

Challenge Day 1
Challenge Day 2
Challenge Day 3
Challenge Day 4
Challenge Day 5

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