BGC Okanagan – Falkland Area

Armstrong Inquiries
Harwood Elementary
Phone: 250.546.9900
Email: vernon@bgco.ca

Vernon Inquiries
5756 Tuktakamin Road
Phone: 250.542.3121
Email: vernon@bgco.ca

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BGC Okanagan – Falkland


Ages 5-12 Programs

Recreation Programs

Recreation programs are for members aged 5-17 years who want to come out to the Club and take part in a wide variety of activities that are planned around BGCC Core programming areas. Opportunities to develop friendships, and connect with positive role models, allows children to find a place where they belong, are cared about and where they can learn new skills. Activities create a safe and fun way for kids to spend their time during the after school hours, weekends and evenings.

Recreation Programs & Location Details

Recreation Programs

Each Club location offers recreation programs to meet the community needs. Each community location will offer monthly calendars describing the specific activities that can be located on our facebook pages and at the service locations. Examples include activities such as community field trips, sports, National Boys and Girls clubs programs, life skills, creative arts, leadership and learning.
The Recreation program is open year round at various times based on program offerings. See service location for monthly calendars for specific times and dates.

Parents are responsible for a yearly membership and program fees. Program fees will vary dependent on the program. Financial Subsidies or Canadian Tire Jumpstart funding may be available for eligible families. 

Armstrong – Falkland
Harwood Elementary
School Dismissal – 4:00pm
5 – 12 Years of Age
Vernon – Falkland
5756 Tuktakamin Road
Wednesday (September – June)
2:15pm to 4:10pm
7 – 12 Years of Age
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