Pink Shirt Day Breakfast


BGC Okanagan’s celebration of kindness and lifting each other up at the annual Pink Shirt Day Breakfast will return on February, 28, 2024.

The goal is to reach $40,000 in donations that will assist BGC Okanagan to offer programs that support children and youth in learning empathy, caring, understanding, inclusion, diversity and community engagement. The funds will also help continue to provide safe spaces where BGC Okanagan can provide systemic opportunities to all children and youth.

BGC Okanagan joins with community supporters to help our efforts to reduce bullying and teaching how through kindness we can lift each other up.

BGC Okanagan has been leading the movement in the Okanagan and helping our kids and the community learn and understand why kindness, caring and treating each other with respect, empathy and compassion is the ways to prevent the mistreatment of others.

Thank you to our previous Pink Shirt Day donors and sponsors:




Enchanted Florist, NetDNA

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