Adopt a BGC Okanagan Family/Club 2024

BGC Okanagan Adopt-a-Family or Club over the Holidays or at any time of the year!

Your chance is here to make a difference to children, youth and families in the Okanagan!

BGC Okanagan’s Adopt-a-Family or Adopt-a-Club program matches families and young people or Clubs with businesses, organizations, schools, service groups and individual sponsors. Our families/youth are current members of our programs and services and are identified as needing support at this time of year.

Over the past 16 years, sponsors have assembled food and gift hampers for families, who due to a variety of circumstances were unable to give their family the food and gifts they would like to ensure their families experienced the joy of the season like others around them. This year we are encouraging donors to consider making a monetary donation or donate gift cards so we can ensure families and youth have food and their basic needs met as they face the challenges and uncertainty that 2023 have brought with inflation. 

This year sponsors are encouraged to do the following:

  1. Donate at click on Adopt-a-Family. All donations will be used to provide e-cards which empowers and allows youth and families to purchase food and small gifts to make their holidays a little more joy-filled. This ensure both our donors and sponsors are safe during these challenging times.
  2. Create a generic hamper according to the size of the youth/family they would like to support and coordinate with the Adopt-a-Family staff to have them deliver the hamper to the youth or family.
  3. Build a hamper for a specific family/youth they are matched with including a breakfast, lunch, dinner, treats and gifts for the family/youth and deliver the hamper.

We hope you will consider adopting a family this holiday season and help make a family in our community have a little brighter holiday. Thank you for bringing joy in a time of need. Email for your application form, or CLICK HERE FOR DOWNLOADABLE FORM.

If you are interested it is possible to Adopt-a-Club and support one of our Clubs in the Okanagan with the supplies needed to continue to offer quality programs. We are always in need of craft supplies, games, books, puzzles, sports equipment, educational toys, and more. Please email us if you would prefer to support a Club.

Please note: All applications and donations will be due by November 20, 2024.





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