Kelowna Hyundai gives back to Okanagan youth

Kelowna Hyundai donated $10,000 to the BGC Okanagan led Upstream Kelowna program.


Kelowna Hyundai’s Operation 100 was a success, leading to a $10,000 donation to BGC Okanagan to support youth in our communities.

For the month of May, Kelowna Hyundai donates $100 goes into a chosen local charity. This year they chose to donate to the BGC Okanagan led Upstream Kelowna program.

Upstream Kelowna is an early intervention strategy to prevent youth homelessness and school disengagement. It uses a universal screening tool to identify school-aged youth facing barriers before a crisis hits.

Upstream Kelowna assesses student risk factors through a Student Needs Assessment. This intervention identifies students who may need support and provides it to them and their families, through community organization partnerships, to reduce their risk of school disengagement and experiencing homelessness.

This funding comes at a critical time, as Upstream Kelowna has been making headway since launching in 2021. In the past year 138 participants were connected to Upstream, with 93 per cent looking mentorship, guidance and for a safe place to talk with someone without judgement.

Thanks to Kelowna Hyundai, Upstream Kelowna will be able to continue the work they do with youth in the Central Okanagan.

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