2023 BGC Okanagan Staff Recognition Awards

BGC Okanagan recently celebrated the talented and dedicated staff members and showed appreciation for those who have been with the organization for a number of years at the sixth annual BGC Okanagan Recognition Awards.

“On behalf of the leadership team, I thank everyone for their ongoing commitment and dedication to BGC Okanagan. The work you do every day makes a lifetime of difference to the children, youth and families that come through our doors,” said Bailey Van Os, Director of Business Operations.

Staff Recognition Awards

 BGC Okanagan staff awards are handed out yearly, below are the winners with comments from the person that nominated them.

Above and Beyond Award

The Above and Beyond Award recognizes someone who goes the extra mile to make a difference at BGCO.  For example, this individual may have spearheaded an important initiative or launched a program. This individual is not necessarily in a formal leadership role, but they make a difference by exuding passion, dedication, and enthusiasm. This is someone all staff can look to for inspiration.

Recipient: Lindsay Pressey

Lindsay joined BGC Okanagan in December 2021 for her Support Worker Practicum and from day one she felt like part of the team. She showed passion and dedication, was eager to learn, willing to jump in wherever needed, and was committed to our organization.

Lindsay was quickly hired into the lead Life Skills role, which started the day after the completion of her practicum. Within six months of taking this role, Lindsay was promoted to CYSN Manager, where she continues to show her natural ability to develop meaningful connections with staff and members and go above and regularly beyond the duties of her role through supporting other programs. Lindsay’s dedication and passion to her work is contagious, and she has built a staffing team who follow her lead in dedicating themselves to our organization.

Rising Star Award

This award recognizes an individual employed with BGC Okanagan, who demonstrates achievements, accomplishments, early success, commitment, and promise as a future leader in our organization.  

Recipient: Tricia Brewer

Tricia began her work at BGC Okanagan as a practicum student at the DYC. Tricia then spent time working at the Westside Youth Centre as a summer student before accepting the Youth Worker role.

Tricia recently moved into the Program Coordinator role at Penny Lane during a very challenging time. She has gone above and beyond to support the staff team, ensuring staff feel prepared with the knowledge and skills they need to care for the youth at Penny Lane. Most recently, Tricia has accepted the Manager of Youth Services role where she will be supporting the youth drop-in programs across the Okanagan.

Leader Award

The Leader Award recognizes an individual in a leadership role providing mentorship to those they work with at BGCO to achieve a common goal. As a model for others to follow, this individual brings fresh ideas and/or superior problem-solving skills to their work at BGCO, creating positive and lasting change.

Recipient: Jennifer Wilshusen

Jennifer first came to BGC Okanagan as a volunteer then worked in Recreation and After School programs at the Lake County Club. Her leadership is grounded in teamwork and belief of stronger together, this is reflected in her daily work as manager when leading staff to support kids and families.

Jennifer, who is the Middle Years Manager at the Rutland Club, created opportunity for staff to give feedback, empowerment to take ownership of the program and spaces. She also ensures all individuals feel welcomed and have a sense of belonging at the Rutland Club. In the past year she has increased the number of volunteers and has inspired other clubs to do the same.  Her work with placement with youth form Skilled4Success has spread to other Clubs in Central and South Okanagan.

Volunteer Award

The Volunteer Award recognizes someone who has been an outstanding volunteer at BGCO.  This individual is making a significant contribution to BGCO through commitment, service, and creativity in their volunteer role.

Recipient: Karen Harrison – Armstrong Food Bank

Karen has been volunteering at the Food Bank for more than six years. She dedicates a minimum of 12 hours per week, close to full-time hours, over two weeks every Christmas. She also offers to volunteer additional hours when asked of her.

Karen is a hard-working dedicated individual. She displays great dedication to the role in choosing to stay and continuing to volunteer. She displays commitment and dedication to her work at the Food Bank, willing to lend a hand with whatever needs to be done and always going above and beyond in her work.

Long Service Awards

5 years:

Hilary Crawford, Tanis Quinney, Kristjen Markham, Erica Kirby, Kimberley Warren, Joanna Artiss, Denise Miron, Phil Archondous, Lyndsay Parrott, Jennifer Wilshusen, and Thomas Vincent.

10 years:

Nichole Tutt, Kat Dimitriadis, Jennfier Ciccone, Audrey Bridges, Rob Middaugh, and Philly Putlitz.

15 years:

Jennifer Paquette, Deb Bermel and Leigh-Anne Lafrance.

20 years:

Donna Bergvinson

25 years:

Valerie Allen

30 years:

Jodi Van Rsywyk

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