BGC Okanagan Club member named regional Youth of the Year

As a shining example of youth leadership and community impact, BGC Canada, in partnership with Hyundai Canada, is thrilled to announced Mehak Parihar, of Kelowna, as the regional Youth of the Year.

Parihar was one of seven regional winners from Clubs nationwide, honoured for her exceptional leadership, dedication to service and remarkable achievements within her community.

“I extend a heartfelt thank you to all the incredible staff at BGC Okanagan for teaching me the importance of helping others and the impact you can have as just one individual. My journey with them has shaped me into who I am today,” said Parihar, who is a first-year engineering student at UBCO. “Being part of Youth of the Year has been a cool experience. It offered me the opportunity to meet others from around Canada who make such a big impact at their Clubs and do a lot of exciting work.”

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BGC Okanagan CEO standing with Youth of the Year Mehak Parihar and two other staff members.

A special celebration was held for regional Youth of the Year Mehak Parihar recently. Pictured from left to right is: Jeremy Welder, BGC Okanagan CEO, Mehak Parihar, regional Youth of the Year, Tricia Brewer, BGC Okanagan Youth Services Manager and Caitlin Bannow, BGC Okanagan Learn On Program Coordinator.

Youth of the Year to launch stem program at Rutland Club

The Regional Youth of the Year accolade not only shines a spotlight on these young leaders, but rewards them with prize packages, laptops, and post-secondary scholarships. Additionally, winners receive leadership and mentorship training in Toronto, preparing them to become official BGC ambassadors.

The home Clubs of each Youth of the Year beneficiary is also granted funds to further support their youth engagement and leadership work. Parihar is eager to leverage this opportunity to launch a STEM program at the Rutland Club, aiming to ignite a passion for discovery among kids to explore the “why behind everything.”

Parihar initially got involved with BGC Okanagan through the Lead Up and Raise the Grade programs, driven by the desire to help her peers at increasing their academic skills. Her commitment further blossomed as she volunteered at the Rutland Club.

As part of the BGC Canada Youth of the Year, Parihar, alongside BGC Okanagan CEO Jeremy Welder, was also invited to Ottawa to represent the Club during a visit with members of parliament.

“Seeing our youth achieving such great things is the most rewarding parts of our job. Mehak is articulate, motivated and her exemplary representation of our BGC movement and values makes us so incredibly proud,” said Welder.

With the 2024 Youth of the Year now accepting applications, Parihar looks forward to returning to Toronto in October to be a mentor to those that receive the 2024 award. Learn more about, and how to apply for, Youth of the Year at

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