BGC Okanagan – Lake Country Club to offer $10-a-day child care

BGC Okanagan – Lake Country Club was chosen as the first provider in that community to provide $10-a-day ChildCareBC spaces, as announced by the Government of BC on Jan. 31, 2023.

The Lake Country Club will have a total of 68 spaces including;
• 4 infant-toddler,
• 16 (2.5 years to kindergarten),
• 48 school-age

These spaces help reduce costs for families in British Columbia and further develop high-quality, affordable and accessible child care as a core service in the province. Other BGC Okanagan Clubs that offer the $10-a-Day ChildCareBC program are Martin Avenue Club (Kelowna), Cameron Park (Kelowna), Rutland Centre and the West Kelowna Club.

“Affordable child care can be life changing, and with over 12,700 $10-a-day spaces throughout the province, we are lowering the cost of child care for families,” said Grace Lore, B.C. Minister of State for Child Care. “The recent child care fee reductions and the $10 a Day ChildCareBC program are some of the ways we are making child care more affordable and allowing parents – especially mothers – to pursue opportunities and achieve financial independence and security, which benefits families, our communities and the economy as a whole.”

Spaces in the $10-a-day program reduce the average cost of child care from $1,000 a month for full-time, centre-based infant care to $200 a month for the same service, saving families an average of $800 a month per child.

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