COVID19 – How Can I Help?

Interested in helping those who need us most during COVID-19?

Many of you have reached out to ask how you can help. First of all “thank you”. We are doing the best we can to ensure our children, youth, and families and staff are safe and healthy. As the challenges of this time continue, we have identified three specific areas where we require support.

Adopt a Family Program

The number of families in our communities who are feeling the economic effects of COVID-19 is increasing and we are trying to help as many as we can. In an effort to reduce the amount of hardship these families are finding themselves in, we are re-introducing our Adopt-A-Family program. Through your generous contribution, we are able to provide Gift Cards so families can purchase the food, basic essentials, and supplies needed to ensure their families are healthy, safe, and cared for. Simply select “COVID-19 Fund” on our donation page to contribute to this program. Here are some suggestions for the cost of Adopt a Family

  • 1 young person – $125
  • Small Family (2-3 people) – $275
  • Medium Family (4-6 people) – $400
  • Large Family (7+ people) – $600

*These amounts will support a family for one month*

Gift of Discovery

Our vision and mission haven’t changed due to COVID 19. Every day we are working to enhance our programs and services to ensure that we are offering high-quality programs to the children, youth, and families who are currently self-isolating. We are introducing virtual, interactive programs so that children and youth continue to experience new opportunities, build positive relationships, and develop confidence and skills for life. It is vital that we eliminate barriers to participating in these programs, and that these young people have the supplies and technology to participate from home. We are building Activity Kits – all the things they need to follow along and create, make, or participate in virtual programming, giving them the “gift of discovery”. Here are some suggestions for the cost of Activity Kits:

  • 1 Activity Kit for arts and crafts projects – $20
  • 1 Home with access to Wifi and data to participate virtually – $25
  • 10 Activity Kits for cooking a meal for their family – $150
  • 1 Tablet for a family who does not have technology in their home – $350

Boys and Girls Clubs of the Okanagan Continuity and Sustainability Fund

Like all organizations right now, we are looking ahead to try to predict what our future will be. We have just celebrated 60 years of service to children youth and families and want to make sure we are here in another 60 years–The children, youth, and families we serve in the Okanagan are counting on us. We remain optimistic that we will get through this, but what things are going to look and be like along the way is a little uncertain. What we have learned already though, is that the biggest mistake we can make is to assume you and others will stop giving, and so we are afraid to ask. At BGCO, we believe that our relationships are strong enough to still let you know that we need your help and to respect that you’ll decide whether you can support us with a financial gift. We understand that times are uncertain and challenging for everyone right now! If you can make a donation, thank you, if you can’t right now that’s okay. It is great to know we have supporters like you, who are with us in good times and in bad. There will be better days ahead for all of us.

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